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Domain Name Management

Domain Name Management

    Everything of value has to be protected. We provide consultancy on a broad spectrum of web domain issues to diligently defend your intellectutal property. Working closely with a large law firm we can also arrange legal representation in England and Wales.
Domain Names

What is a Domain name?

    A domain name identifies and locates computers and resources connected to the Internet worldwide. No two organisations can have the same domain name. Every company or organisation that wants to be on the Internet should register a suitable domain name for use as their online identity. It is a vital element for positioning your brand or company on the Internet, the front door to your e-commerce system, such as your organisation's website or email system. It has to be short, memorable and descriptive.
Domain Name on Hold

Parked Domains on Hold

    We have secured a few generic domains, regional networks, and rare three letter domains for future development, ready for use by our clients or our own services. Some of our clients also park their domains on our server until deployment. A domain maybe on hold for one of these reasons:

  1. It is parked here by a client.
  2. It is awaiting development.
  3. It is awaiting transfer.
  4. It is used as a mail server.
  5. It has unpaid hosting services.

Domain Name Sales

Domain Name Market Boom

    Internet domain names are red-hot investments again. The market has rebounded from a "depression" after the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. Sales volume more than doubled over the previous decade and the pace is getting faster.

    Domain names are 21st century real estate in an economy that is being increasingly driven by the Internet sector, as more people and advertisers move online. Internet ad revenue reached around $13 billion in the USA alone. Especially hot are domains that have anything to do with the property market, travel destinations, hotels and leisure.

WWW Domain Name Branding

What is Digital Branding?

    From a business viewpoint, branding in the marketplace is very similar to branding on the ranch. A branding programme should be designed to differentiate your cow from all the other cattle on the range, even if all the cattle on the range look pretty much alike.

    A successful branding programme creates in the mind of the prospect the perception that there is no company, product, service or place in the market quite like yours.

    Can a successful brand appeal to everybody? In a word: No! Yet widening the customer base and developing brand extensions are all popular trends in marketing which in the long term ultimately undermine the power of the brand. How to identify and create the differentiating factors that build a powerful future focus for a brand is the role of the specialist brand developer.

Domain Name Brand Management

Digital Brand Management

    The role of a specialist brand developer is to identify and create the differentiating factors that build a powerful future focus for a brand.

    Much like a company name, brand, logo, or 800 number, a domain name has marketing value when customers can easily remember and associate it with the organisation. Several million domain names have already been registered world-wide, hence it can be difficult to find a good domain name.

    If the required domain is already taken, you may want to ask the owner if it is for sale. A domain name value is roughly 10 times its annual revenue or marketing benefit.

The Role of Branding in Marketing

    Marketing has become too complicated. In many companies marketing is done by many different specialists:

  1. Market research
  2. Product development
  3. Advertising
  4. Sales promotion
  5. Direct marketing and so on.

    Integrating these specialist groups has become a major activity in its own right. If Marketing is to fulfill its promise as the driving force in a company, the marketing process itself has to be simplified.

    So what is the glue that holds the various marketing functions together? It is the process of Branding. Marketing is Branding. Marketing is building a brand in the mind of the prospect. If you can build a powerful brand, you will have a powerful marketing programme.